Halloween Lotto Prizes

The €15 million jackpot is not the only prize which is up for grabs. The Halloween Lotto also has three other prize tiers which can be won.

When comparing the cost of entry, €1.50, to all of the amazing Halloween Lotto prizes you have the potential of winning, it's a no brainer that these prizes are worth it.

Halloween Lotto Prizes
Tier Prize Odds
Match 6 + Joker BallMatch 6 + Joker Ball €15 million (Jackpot) 1 in 79,453,500
Match 5 + Joker BallMatch 5 + Joker Ball €10,000 1 in 300,960
Match 4 + Joker BallMatch 4 + Joker Ball €100 1 in 5,599
Match 3 NumbersMatch 3 Numbers €5 1 in 75

You can take a look at the different currency payouts for the Halloween Lotto here

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Halloween Lotto Jackpot
€15 Million
Time left to participate:

All of the prizes highlighted in the above table are fixed amounts. This means that there is never any doubt with how much money you have the potential to win. What makes this deal even sweeter is the fact that non-jackpot prizes are NOT SHARED. This means that if you, together with eight other people, are a tier 2 winner, you will each receive €10,000!

Once you have paid for your entries, there’s nothing else to do except wait for the winning numbers to be drawn, as your entries are stored safely in your online account. If you do happen to be a lucky winner, then an automatic email will be sent to you telling you all about the good news. Your prize will then be transferred into your account shortly after the draw has ended.

You can find more information about claiming prizes on the How to Play page.

How the Halloween Lotto Jackpot Compares to Other Lotteries

Below you can find a table which compares the Halloween Lotto jackpot to other lotteries available on the market.

Halloween Lotto compared to other lotteries
Lottery Average Jackpot Amount
Halloween Lotto €15 million
Irish Lotto €4.81 Million
Austrian Lotto €2.2 Million
OZ Lotto €1.2 Million
Thunderball €586 Thousand