About The Halloween Lotto

The Halloween Lotto is a yearly draw which gives players the opportunity to win a €15 Million jackpot, with each line only costing €1.50. All the information you need can be found below. Everything is covered, from how to play to what prizes you can win. Select a specific page to view full details.

How to Play

To take part in the Halloween Lotto you need to pick your main six numbers between 1-50 together with your special Joker Ball number between 1-5. You can also leave it all up to chance and let the random number generator pick your numbers for you.

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The prize with the best odds of winning is €5 for matching three of the main numbers. The highest prize is that €15 million jackpot which everyone has their eyes on. This grand jackpot can be won by matching the whole winning combination. Check out how the prize tiers are divided in the Prizes page.

Prize table
Lotto Prizes
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Halloween Lotto Jackpot
€15 Million
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If you have questions about the Halloween Lotto, the prizes offered and how the game works, you’ll find all you need to know in these FAQs.



Before you play any game, always make sure you know the rules. This Halloween Lotto is no different. You can familiarise yourself with the rules of this draw via the Rules page.

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