Choose Halloween Lotto Numbers

Using the fields below, you can choose your Halloween Lotto numbers or opt for Quick Pick style generated numbers before you pay for your entries. You’ll need to select six main numbers from 1-50, plus an extra Joker Ball number from 1-5.

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Halloween Lotto Jackpot
€15 Million
Time left to participate:

Make sure you have paid for your entries by 18:50 GMT on 31st October as the entry sales will stop 10 minutes before the draw. Don’t miss your chance of taking part in the spooky Halloween Lotto just because you left buying your entries to the last minute.

Advantages of Getting your Entries Online

The Halloween Lotto is an exclusive online draw. This means that you can stay in your home, and still take part in the draw! Entries can be bought at any time before 18:50 GMT on Halloween Day.

All entries are bought through a regulated and licensed website. This means that your safety is one of the top priorities. Once payment for your entries has been processed, you can view your chosen numbers via your online account. If you run into any issues during this process, you can make use of the Live Chat feature, where a member of the customer support team will aid you with any queries.


All tickets for the Halloween draw are 100% virtual. This means that you will never physically hold your tickets. Which also means that there is a 0% risk of your lottery tickets being damaged, stolen, or misplaced.


If you have been a lucky winner, you will be notified! An automatic email is sent out to all of the winners of the draw so that no one misses any prizes. This means that you do not need to keep refreshing that results page to see if you have been a winner.


You have the freedom to access your account via any device which has an active internet connection. This means that you can access your account via your phone, tablet, or personal computer in just a click of a button.


A member of the customer service team will be available to chat via the Live Chat Feature from 10:00 - 22:00 GMT. If you encounter an issue outside of these hours, you can contact the team via email, phone, or Facebook Messenger.