Currency Conversions for Halloween Lotto Prizes

The Halloween Lotto is an online exclusive. This is great news for all of those spooky season lovers as the Halloween Lotto can be enjoyed from various countries around the world. This also means that various currencies can be used for this draw.

In the table below, you will find conversions for each available currency when it comes to the different prize tiers. The converted currencies are based on the Euro amounts, under which the game is conducted.

Halloween Lotto Currency Payouts
  Prize in Euro (€) Prize in GBP (£) Prize in USD ($) Prize in Rupee (₹)
Match 6 + Joker Ball €15,000,000 £13,500,000 $18,000,000 ₹1,250,000,000
Match 5 + Joker Ball €5,000 £4,500 $6,000 ₹400,000
Match 4 + Joker Ball €250 £225 $300 ₹20,000
Match 3 main numbers €5 £4.50 $6 ₹400
Price per Entry €1.50 £1.50 $1.50 ₹120

Fun Fact: Matching at least 3 of the main numbers automatically guarantees you a win of 3x your stake!
For more information regarding how these prizes are paid out to you, visit the prizes page.